Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bangkok Shopping Haul

Being a very kiamsiap person or should i say being a QS, i like to compare the prices before purchases. Of course right, who wanna spend more for something which doesn't worth the price at all? Value for money, you geddit? So, before my trip to Bangkok, I searched about others' shopping haul in Bangkok, and it's usually in video, and I'm a very impatient person, so I always fast forward and can't get the info I wanted. Hence, I didn't get to compare anything before my trip.

Anyway, i'm thinking why not picture. so, here you go!

50 Baht for 5 pouch! who's going? get for me please.

Bangkok is a shopping heaven, i wish i could buy more clothes, but the recent trend is just not for me. Chatuchak has so much to buy, but it's suffocating me making me sick and unable to breathe, vomitted though in the middle of the street, lucky i have empty plastic bag. Sorry.

all my goods above are bought from Chatuchak Weekend Market, some alley at Siam, Asiatique and Union Mall. Platinum is a great place to shop as recommended by friends, but I did not buy anything there. I myself prefer Union Mall, however, as compared to Chatuchak, the price is slightly higher, but it's air-conditioned so yayyyyyy!

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