Sunday, April 8, 2018

It's Been A While

In fact, it's been a long while. i always wanted to post about travel, note the date, the weather, the places i went, the expenses, etc. but, each time after the trip, i will be so caught up with work, family, and then i would rather spend the remaining time watching some variety show (we need entertainment yo), researching about where's next (all the time), observing my plant (why aren't my plants blooming?), thinking about what to invest in (ideas please?).

my next post will probably be throwback of places i've been. Hopefully. Where should i start with. guess the post won't be in sequence. 2017, 2016, 2018, 2017 again, 2016 again? let's see.

My Sunday almost come to an end. Well, working life, appreciate my Sunday. Till then.

Let me know if you happened to read this. :)

Have a good day.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bangkok Shopping Haul

Being a very kiamsiap person or should i say being a QS, i like to compare the prices before purchases. Of course right, who wanna spend more for something which doesn't worth the price at all? Value for money, you geddit? So, before my trip to Bangkok, I searched about others' shopping haul in Bangkok, and it's usually in video, and I'm a very impatient person, so I always fast forward and can't get the info I wanted. Hence, I didn't get to compare anything before my trip.

Anyway, i'm thinking why not picture. so, here you go!

50 Baht for 5 pouch! who's going? get for me please.

Bangkok is a shopping heaven, i wish i could buy more clothes, but the recent trend is just not for me. Chatuchak has so much to buy, but it's suffocating me making me sick and unable to breathe, vomitted though in the middle of the street, lucky i have empty plastic bag. Sorry.

all my goods above are bought from Chatuchak Weekend Market, some alley at Siam, Asiatique and Union Mall. Platinum is a great place to shop as recommended by friends, but I did not buy anything there. I myself prefer Union Mall, however, as compared to Chatuchak, the price is slightly higher, but it's air-conditioned so yayyyyyy!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Zealand Part II

14th Sept
Location : Ashburton, Mount Cook, Twizel

Hola. A super late update, pretty busy lately. continue from Ashburton Hotel.

Love waking up to this shades, misty curtain wall with pool view

I actually went out thru this door here, and I thought i could access to the lobby directly so i locked this door when I stepped out. but we were locked outside! as the hotel staff has locked the door access to Lobby and nobody is answering when we knocked on the door. Luckily, boyfriend's parents is staying there as well and we went out thru their room. next time havto make sure there's access before locking anything man.

Breakfast next!

breakfast suits me well. i can have muesli and yogurt all day everyday.

and.. after breakfast, we went back to the room, to found out... I have forgotten to unlock the room door latch! Hotel provides us with 2 keys, one for the room door, another for the door facing pool. But the key couldn't unlocked pool view door and another door latched by me. I truly feel so sorry to my boyfriend for my stupidity ahahahahaha. anyway, went to the recep and all, but they took a the time they reached our doorstep, Andersen has already unlock the latch! Bravo! with his super long and thin fingers that able to fit the door gap. What a morning.

We headed to Farmers Corner located in Ashburton for some souvenir shopping. they have tonnes of goods and the prices are pretty reasonable.

i guess this is made of real fur, thats why the price

and they have Alpaca farm.
Hi cutie.

seems like he's having a hard time eating. sorry i fed you too much..
and i got myself a kiwi plush toy! i got this plushie for around nzd14.
sometimes i just feel like buying something cause im all the way here.

Mount Cook and Twizel will be in upcoming post. just too many photos to be shared. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Zealand Part I

12 Sept
Location : Kota Kinabalu, Up up in the air

Flight from Kota Kinabalu to Christchurch transit via Brunei and Melbourne. I love travelling, but I dislike flights, especially long haul and transiting flights.

Royal Brunei - Dinner

13 Sept
Location : Melbourne Airport, Christchurch

Touched down in Melbourne at 5am
did nothing, wasting time in the airport as the next flight is around 9am. cool huh this liquor, i used to have a thing for skull related items, i don't mean the real skull.
The faces when you did not sleep for the night. and the shape of my face is due to angle okay!
and i took this for cost comparison. will talk more about manuka honey price in a later post.
Air New Zealand - Breakfast
I'm very much amazed with this view.
Photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S7
Photo taken by GoPro Hero4 Silver

Touched down at Christchurch, they have a lot of brochures to intro bout the places, what to do, etc. And i mean a lot, in the airport. Weather was chilly, just nice. I walked out in just a thin layered hoodie. It depends on your body anyway.

Well, this is considered as happening
houses are so beautifulll

First stop.
overlooking Christchurch
Hello are you okay

more than 24 hours not sleeping, was actually freaking tired already, afraid that i might fall sick.
then we went to the Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch earthquake memorial, located next to the cathedral

Botanic Garden

When you failed at posing

Ribs dinner at The Running Bull.
big portion! but my photography skill shows the otherwise. But no lies, it's really in big portion and it's good!

Had a ride to Ashburton for hotel check in. was pretty much exhausted due to not sleeping for more than 24 hours.

Did not bring my DSLR over this time as i prefer travelling light. All photos above are non-edited, don't have time for that. hahahahaa.

Photo taken : Samsung Galaxy S7, GoPro Hero4 Silver

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pre-Holiday to New Zealand and Australia

Oh hey diary, i'm back. Okay, hopefully the update will be complete, no promises though. i don't usually write/ update about my trips, but i'll make an exception for this, cause i'm just free this week. For my friends and readers who don't mind some reference or whatsoever.

So here it is, New Zealand is one of my dream country, check off my bucket list! Will i be back? Yes, definitely. Before the trip, I did a lot of research on the following aspects.

  • When

Spring (Sept - Nov)
Summer (Dec - Feb) : peak season, accommodation will probably cost more
Autumn/ Fall (Mar - May)
Winter (Jun - Aug)

When is the best time to travel? It all depends on what you're planning to do. Spring it is for me as i experienced summer all day all month all year All My Life. And i do not like carrying bulky clothes with me, i love light luggage, so Winter is also a no-no for me. My free timing is just right for Spring. I visited in early Spring, which means a mixture of Winter and Spring and very lil flower blossom.

  • Where

North and South Island

North Island - Do you love high-rise, city, learn about the native, Maori cultures, etc.

South Island - Do you prefer scenery, mountain, lake, adventures, etc. I love South Island!

    I'm looking for amazingly beautiful landscape, quiet, peaceful environment whereby i'm living in the city for all my life, I believe everyone loves the feeling of fresh, of something new. Have not come across any honk in South Island. whereas it's totally opposite in Auckland, North Island. 

  • Duration

Not much comment on this, but of course the longer, the better. In my case, as my boyfriend is working and it just doesn't feel too good to be away from work for long. My trip was 7 days in NZ exclude the flights, covers both North and South Islands. pretty much tight schedule which means no slagging, no dragging, no wasting time. will definitely be back to cover as much places.

  • How

What about the transportation. Drive, bus, tour. My first option was to rent a car and drive around, and it's definitely my boyfriend driving and me giving navigation or sleeping or looking out the window. and then, i feel pity to him as driving requires a lot of energy. Working is tiring enough, does he has to be tired in holidays as well?

Anyway, the cost of car rental including insurance and petrol is reasonable and affordable. It depends on your rental period. Say, you're renting for weeks, it can be NZD 50 or less per day. Renting a campervan is even better, to save on your accommodation, and some campervan is equipped with kitchen, as in everything, convenient much. Campervan can only be parked at certain areas at night.

We rent Camry just for a day in Queenstown, it's NZD 76/day includes the basic insurance excess of NZD 2000 and around NZD 14 for GPS (just in case we need it, it's better to be safe than sorry). So, you see how it's quite affordable, and even better when you have four to five persons to share the cost.

  • Cost

and of course, money! I was planning for free and easy all by ourselves, later on boyfriend's parents going as well, so we just booked a tour, and me being QS, worked out the cost based on the flights and accommodation we staying, the tour is pretty much worth it! I went New Zealand and Melbourne. so, i will just roughly work it out on the flight tickets and hotel (not the exact price i paid for, but the cost is around there), the most basic cost. 

1. Flight tickets - RM 4,830
Kota Kinabalu to Melbourne (round trip) : Royal Brunei - RM 2,800
Melbourne to Christchurch (one way) : Air New Zealand - RM 1,300
Queenstown to Auckland (one way) : Jetstar - RM 370
Auckland to Melbourne (one way) : Jetstar - RM 360

It will be much cheaper if you book earlier or during sales, and there's many alternatives as well, so do your homework. :)

2. Accommodation - USD 539 includes breakfast; RM 2,200
New Zealand - 7d6n
i. Ashburton : Hotel Ashburton (1 night) - USD 75/room
ii. Twizel : Mountain Chalet Motel (1 night) - USD 85/room
iii. Queenstown : Aspen Hotel Queenstown (2 nights) - USD 81/room x 2 nights
iv. Auckland : Ascotia Off Queen (2 nights) - USD 93/room x 2 nights
Melbourne - 3d2n
v. Melbourne : Ibis Styles Melbourne (2 nights) - USD 110/room x 2 nights

The above prices exclude breakfast, including breakfast is an additional of approximately USD 10-20 per pax. Say USD 15.

Total : USD 838, share by 2 pax, USD 419 per pax (exclude breakfast); USD 539 per pax (include breakfast)

3. Total Flight tickets and Accommodation : RM 7,030 based on the calculation above and good but not luxury accommodation

Of course you can save more. the backpackers lodge are pretty much affordable. You pay for what you get. Kind of spotted YHA International, like everywhere, it has so many branches.

If you're looking for backpacking, it's best not to look at my flight tickets and accommodation.

Alright, so that's quite about the aspects i'm looking at before planning for travel. but end up i'm not planning for everyday so yeah.

Till then, next post will be photos and more photos. :)