Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Zealand Part II

14th Sept
Location : Ashburton, Mount Cook, Twizel

Hola. A super late update, pretty busy lately. continue from Ashburton Hotel.

Love waking up to this shades, misty curtain wall with pool view

I actually went out thru this door here, and I thought i could access to the lobby directly so i locked this door when I stepped out. but we were locked outside! as the hotel staff has locked the door access to Lobby and nobody is answering when we knocked on the door. Luckily, boyfriend's parents is staying there as well and we went out thru their room. next time havto make sure there's access before locking anything man.

Breakfast next!

breakfast suits me well. i can have muesli and yogurt all day everyday.

and.. after breakfast, we went back to the room, to found out... I have forgotten to unlock the room door latch! Hotel provides us with 2 keys, one for the room door, another for the door facing pool. But the key couldn't unlocked pool view door and another door latched by me. I truly feel so sorry to my boyfriend for my stupidity ahahahahaha. anyway, went to the recep and all, but they took a the time they reached our doorstep, Andersen has already unlock the latch! Bravo! with his super long and thin fingers that able to fit the door gap. What a morning.

We headed to Farmers Corner located in Ashburton for some souvenir shopping. they have tonnes of goods and the prices are pretty reasonable.

i guess this is made of real fur, thats why the price

and they have Alpaca farm.
Hi cutie.

seems like he's having a hard time eating. sorry i fed you too much..
and i got myself a kiwi plush toy! i got this plushie for around nzd14.
sometimes i just feel like buying something cause im all the way here.

Mount Cook and Twizel will be in upcoming post. just too many photos to be shared. 

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