Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Zealand Part I

12 Sept
Location : Kota Kinabalu, Up up in the air

Flight from Kota Kinabalu to Christchurch transit via Brunei and Melbourne. I love travelling, but I dislike flights, especially long haul and transiting flights.

Royal Brunei - Dinner

13 Sept
Location : Melbourne Airport, Christchurch

Touched down in Melbourne at 5am
did nothing, wasting time in the airport as the next flight is around 9am. cool huh this liquor, i used to have a thing for skull related items, i don't mean the real skull.
The faces when you did not sleep for the night. and the shape of my face is due to angle okay!
and i took this for cost comparison. will talk more about manuka honey price in a later post.
Air New Zealand - Breakfast
I'm very much amazed with this view.
Photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S7
Photo taken by GoPro Hero4 Silver

Touched down at Christchurch, they have a lot of brochures to intro bout the places, what to do, etc. And i mean a lot, in the airport. Weather was chilly, just nice. I walked out in just a thin layered hoodie. It depends on your body anyway.

Well, this is considered as happening
houses are so beautifulll

First stop.
overlooking Christchurch
Hello are you okay

more than 24 hours not sleeping, was actually freaking tired already, afraid that i might fall sick.
then we went to the Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch earthquake memorial, located next to the cathedral

Botanic Garden

When you failed at posing

Ribs dinner at The Running Bull.
big portion! but my photography skill shows the otherwise. But no lies, it's really in big portion and it's good!

Had a ride to Ashburton for hotel check in. was pretty much exhausted due to not sleeping for more than 24 hours.

Did not bring my DSLR over this time as i prefer travelling light. All photos above are non-edited, don't have time for that. hahahahaa.

Photo taken : Samsung Galaxy S7, GoPro Hero4 Silver

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